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Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.

Thinking strategically means to think in perspectives. And perspectives do always have three sides. One side that you do not see. One side that your opponent does not see. And one side which you both do not see. Making perspectives visible is our business.

Capitalism is about being in the markets or being out of the markets. It's about having interests and to enforce them. It's about risk affinity not risk aversion. It's about making profit not losses. If you hesitate, your opponent does the step. Are you ready for market?

Think Tank

External Experts

Prof. Falk Auerbach, PhD // Dr. Dr. Philipp Borge // Prof. Malte Fischer, PhD // Dr. Martina Fröhlich // Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. mult. Herwig Groth // Dr. Adam Hennhofer // Prof. (em.) Oskar Krefelder, PhD // Prof. Dr.-Ing. (habil.) Karl Martens // Prof. Dr. Gisela Messerschmidt // Prof. Dr. Adelheid Moog-Blaustein // Prof. (em.) Dr. Anton Pahl // Prof. Dr. Lars Petermann // Prof. (em.) Dr. Lothar Sachs // Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. Alma Satorius // Dr. Lenka Swoboda

Round Table

      Freya Arndt // Marisa Arnold // Rita Becker // Hannah Berger // Niko Berger // Karolin Bergmann // Freja Björnsdotter // Julia Brandes // Pia Dornbusch // Maximilian Felderer // Kolja Hajek // Magda Heinz // Ursula Heller // Dominik Hense // Florence Hugenay // Anna Ikonnikowa // Marc-Oliver Jansen // Maike Kamphaus // Sandra Kehlau // Jan Kießling // Jana Lorenz // Pia Luhmann // Hendrik Martens // Uwe Maunz // Eric Mercier // Sebastian Müller // Margot Neumann // Tobias Petzold // Sang-Mi Pak // Antonia Radulescu // Lina Rhode // Luana Rivelli // Lorenz Sager // Piotr Saweljew // Marko Thomas Scholz // Harry Seitz // Annette Stankowski // Silke Tempelmann // Thomas Trüde // Thies Willems // Birte Winkelmann // Robert Winter // Diane Wyler // Bastian Zabel


      Marko is an Economist, a policy advisor, a lecturer, a grammar school teacher and recently also a podcaster. He is researching and teaching in Economics, especially in Political Economics and Political Theory. He studied Economics at the University of Kassel (1998–2001) and Business Administration at Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences (1994–1998). He has been working for numerous universities and academies, e.g. the University of Heidelberg (2005–2008), the University of Gießen (2009–2012), the Steuer- und Wirtschaftsakademie, Frankfurt/Main (2013), the European University of Applied Sciences, Brühl (2013–2016), the CBS Cologne Business School (2013–2016), the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences (2015–2016), the Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences (2017–2022) and the West Coast University of Applied Sciences (2022). Before starting researching and teaching he also worked with serveral certified public accountants and tax consultants. Since 2005 he regularly held positions as an external policy advisor for different governments in Germany and in other member states of the European Union. Finally he is also editor of the YouTube-Channel and GETTR account »scholz associates« and of our Instagram- and Telegram-Channel »Strategic Laboratory«.


      Marko Thomas Scholz

      Economist / Policy Advisor / Teacher


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